Semi-Annual Roundup 2017

We’re halfway through 2017. Time for a roundup going into the July 4th weekend. Here are the posts published in the first half of the year, organized by author. We had 39 posts by 21 authors if I’m counting correctly (every post under guest is a distinct one-off author; contributors get a byline starting with their second post).

As you’ve probably guessed, we’ve made this a year of scaling, and are making a valiant attempt to hit a 2 posts/week tempo while also significantly expanding our network of writers. At 39 posts in 26 weeks, we are at roughly 1.5 posts/week.

  1. Zorba, Spock, or Voldemort? (4/11/2017) by Matthew Sweet
  2. Cannon Balls, Plate Tectonics, and Invisible Elephants (1/12/2017) by Hal Morris
  3. A Brief History of Existential Terror (2/28/2017) by Taylor Pearson
  4. There are bots. Look around. (5/23/2017) by Renee DiResta
  5. Entrepreneurship is Metaphysical Labor (4/18/2017) by Joseph Kelly
  6. The Strategy of No Strategy (2/23/2017) by Adam Elkus
  7. Sanity on the Weird Timeline (3/14/2017) by Sonya Mann
  8. The Antiheroine Unveiled (1/19/2017) by Sonya Mann
  9. Arguing About How the World Should Burn (5/16/2017) by Sonya Mann
  10. Rolling Your Own Culture and (Not) Finding Community (1/10/2017) by Guest Contributor
  11. “Another Green World” (3/9/2017) by Guest Contributor
  12. Unbuilding the Wall (2/16/2017) by Guest Contributor
  13. Caring and Reality (2/14/2017) by Guest Contributor
  14. One Sacred Trick for Moral Regeneration (2/9/2017) by Guest Contributor
  15. Shift Register Code Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber (2/7/2017) by Guest Contributor
  16. Games, Videogames, and the Dionysian Society (1/26/2017) by Guest Contributor
  17. Lies, Caffeinated Lies, and Operating Systems (1/24/2017) by Guest Contributor
  18. How to Dress for the Game of Life (1/17/2017) by Guest Contributor
  19. A Priest, a Guru, and a Nerd-King Walk Into a Conference Room… (5/9/2017) by Carlos Bueno
  20. Y Tribenator (5/30/2017) by Carlos Bueno
  21. Cloud Viruses in the Invisible Republic (4/4/2017) by Carlos Bueno
  22. How I Hired Your Mother (6/15/2017) by Carlos Bueno
  23. Prescientific Organizational Theory (2/21/2017) by David Manheim
  24. The Throughput of Learning (1/31/2017) by Tiago Forte
  25. Tendrils of Mess in our Brains (1/5/2017) by Sarah Perry
  26. Idiots Scaring Themselves in the Dark (4/13/2017) by Sarah Perry
  27. The Limits of Epistemic Hygiene (3/2/2017) by Sarah Perry
  28. Fluid Rigor (5/4/2017) by Sarah Perry
  29. After Temporality (2/2/2017) by Sarah Perry
  30. Why Books Are Fake (6/1/2017) by Sarah Perry
  31. Ten Years of Refactoring (6/13/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  32. Been There, Done That (6/27/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  33. Thingness and Thereness (6/6/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  34. The Winter King of the Internet (3/21/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  35. Blockchains Never Forget (5/25/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  36. One Weird Longform Trick…on the Blockchain! (4/25/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  37. Nobody Expects The Mongolian Earthship (3/30/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  38. Bourbon Crossing (3/23/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  39. Sulking Through a Subprime Presidency (3/7/2017) by Venkatesh Rao
  40. Semi-Annual Roundup 2017 (6/29/2017) by Editor

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  1. is there anything like this for last year or this year? I like the idea of it coming from different places, like a mix with the blog roll on the left-hand side of slate star codex