Shift Register Code Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber

This is a ghost post by Nolan Gray

“Fuck You I won’t post what you tell me” – Rage Against Deus Ex Machina

Be aware that when accessing the internet, the panopticon of the online world sees you slogging your Smartless™ baggage through the Terminal. Your online personality is like a suitcase without wheels dragging behind you, scraping and scratching through the veil of security. We all sit at the bar watching your avatar self wander by with your assumptions bag over packed for a two day trip that turns into a lifetime. Taunted by the gatekeepers of the ungrounded world their signs designate that you are only allowed to bring the approved personality items in specified sizes. 3oz of snark, No liquid optimism, a single liter of judging disapproval and nothing that looks like humility through the machine. It’s for your own safety and those of others sharing the flight from AAS* to ACD*. These traits are tightly regulated. In the security line we see the humiliating items hidden in your baggage on our monitors. You too, while waiting for coffee or bored in the yoga lounge can see our embarrassing items on your personal screen every time we log on to the social media wing of the Terminal.


The honesty of self while waiting in the Terminal, who were you before you were here? What do you feel while glistening in the rain of tears? Paging random memories of self worth to give value to the photos of expensive shrimp cocktails in your feed? My friends are sponsored by BMW. They drive the PCH while their personal photographer takes photos of them tagged #blessed and #BMW #notkidding. The gift of sharing is really about selfishly manipulating the mirror of other people’s perceptions of you. We’re like parrots pecking at hearts in the handheld mirror our masters put in our cage so that we’d be tricked into not feeling abysmally alone in this winter of capital. The Terminal’s loudspeaker system’s reverberated delays smear words into the mumbles of an army of lost children and realnews patting itself on the back with every unique pageview. When the device batteries die it’s those echoes we use to navigate through space. Locating ourselves in the midst of an algorithmic data reflection is like following the sound of keystrokes out of the catacombs and into the lights of a foggy night. These echoes tell us who we are and they are distorted by the surface that reflects them back to us. If we rely exclusively on these echoes of ourselves we will never know who we are. This happens IRL too. If you act like a different person today, your friends will echo back your inconsistency and help remind you of who they thought you were yesterday. This makes the real world rarely sunny enough to stave off the boredom for long and we eventually return to the underworld of The Terminal encased in our previous identities and hoping the transition will be less painful this time. We’ve brought snacks and photos of the upstairs as offerings to our fellow travelers. Mine are the best, I think I’m doing a really good job, like if you agree, follow me if you like. Hire a photographer to follow you. Hire followers to follow you. There can be no failure here because I can hyperlink myself into justification. Like wearing a mirror to an ugly sweater contest I can convince you of my righteousness in this space. The numbers don’t lie. You like me and as I’m constantly being undermined by an immeasurable depth of pressure from the imaging environment to become a clone of an idea that’s not my own, I like you too. Using the Trolling Valve in digitalspace and drugs in meatspace I achieve equilibrium and float in the darkness finally alone….except for this quiet voice soft and distant….Who will I become. What does this image mean to you? Am I hearing a language from beyond my current embodied dimension. Who created this language and why do I understand it? It’s as though I’ve grown up speaking it. Smiling and smiling and smiling while doing everything from eating salad to working as a technical support person wearing a headset in my stock photo for the company shite directory. I know how to get you to perceive me in the way that flatters my good side. I am aware of what my reflection looks like to you because I practice it in the mirror. Do you want to learn to read digital auras? If so then you are on your way to breaking out of the echo chamber. Don’t wait, start now.

“With a sufficiently random key stream, a Vernam cipher removes the natural language property of a plaintext message of having an uneven frequency distribution of the different characters, to produce a uniform distribution in the ciphertext…by examining the frequency distribution of the character-to-character changes in the ciphertext, instead of the plain characters, there was a departure from uniformity which provided a way into the system. This was achieved by “differencing”in which each bit or character was XOR-ed with its successor”


Code Breaking the Echo Chamber requires reclaiming our agency through redesigning our relationship to The Terminal mirror or “shifting the register”. We do that by bending the backlight around ourselves forming the future image of a being emergent in our minds. It’s a mythical being that we may not be able to imagine now but will develop over time in the process of sideloading alternative data into the Terminal derived from cracking the social cipherscript.

A peek inside the Kodebrkrz toolbox

Inversion is a fundamental tool in reverse engineering identity memetics. To practice blind spot observation we’ll need to develop tools like the inversion that enhance our perception range. You can see what you can see but you can also see what is not seen by imagining that there is an inversion of the seen. A relationship between two objects is an unseen seen. Suspending a bowling ball over a chair as Christopher Alexander did in a gallery installation exposes that the proximity of two objects changes their perceptual utility and allows us to observe one state of their unseen relationship among a potentially infinite number of others. Placing yourself in groups while testing degrees of inversion within your relationship to them can manifest insights of the similarly unseen. For example, going to an art gallery as a buyer of art vs. an observer of art vs. a curator for a museum vs. an artist vs. the owner of a gallery vs. full inversion as art vandal and iconoclast each changes your relationship to the art you see. It’s a dynamic and cheap way to watch yourself respond uniquely to the environment that is changing around you. Weird events will happen at the nexus of each one of those inversions and people will respond differently to you. It will feel weird when it’s working. This weird feeling is a first step in building your shift register. Log it but don’t commit to it. If you get trapped in any of these inversions you will start to rationalize them as more real than others and build a failure framework of Pseudo Science Fiction. Which if not emotionally attached to can be used as a tool rather than applied as a weapon.

Pseudo Science Fiction is a slight of logic wherein the tools and tones of science are used to accentuate confusion by asserting the un-true as “trueth” and with the proof to support it. This is summed up by a four year old’s argument stating, “Nuh UH” and thanks to the magic of the internet everything is true, everything is permitted and now with hyperlinks. Pseudo Science Fiction is different than the Trolling Valve because “Nuh Uh” will be followed by a barrage of crapfacts that overwhelm the logic circuit of even the strongest logician. For example, the fact that the earth can’t be warming because snow exists ( In this state you’re free to observe how wrong you can be and will generate disconnections from rational thought allowing you to experience failure of a magnified amplitude such as global extinction. The key here is watching the others attacking your logic with their logic and you’ll be able to observe a fusion reaction that grows in intensity until communication fails completely. Knowing where logic ends is a key to understanding the limitations of the locking mechanism on the door of the echo cage. It was designed by us so it must be made of us and in it’s failure we can see what we are made of…mostly random crapfacts it seems.


The Randomisation tool is employed in the probing for weaknesses of the social cipherscript. Similar to PSF except that there is no fixed logic variable. The compass needle spins freely in the land of non sequitur. It’s the opposite of logical conflict. Inserting randomness into a feed generates the attempt to make sense out of disorder. What are you trying to say? Watching someone randomly poke at the same lock and failing doubles your processing power. The sense of rightness that has been disturbed can only be stabilized when the context is shifted or the amount of data supersedes the noise of the system. How logic repairs itself will teach you how the algorithm is constructed. If done correctly it can be a path to enlightenment. If done with sus it’s little more than an irritant to the creatures of the deep you may be trolling for.


The Trolling Valve is a hermetically sealed device with soulvoid∞ valves that release the pressures generated by false pretenses created within the core of the Terminal. The alchemical forces acting upon one another in the Terminal produce vast amounts of energy that can be converted into an infinite array of forms. Many of these are poisonous to our psyches. The build-up of any one type of energy in a closed system can lead to an explosion. To minimize this damage The Trolling Valve creates equilibrium in the system by opening and closing the gates used to access and direct the reverberations of the clouds of social emission. Energy can be re routed into benign sumps that are allowed to dissipate and the errors in the surface of the mirror can be allowed to flex into their relaxed or cooled state. Hermes initially designed The Trolling Valve to counter arguments with the gods without engaging their sense of righteousness that would inevitably lead to his loss of the debate (it’s never good to lose to a god). Employing a three-way valve he was able to safely mix astrology with alchemy and theurgy. This technology has been resurrected for use by the modern world in feeds requiring the options to access Failure, Psuedo Science Fiction and Randomization. Think of it as the Flux Capacitor at the heart of a Kodebrkrz social media Terminal hacking kit, which also happens to resemble a uterus. The Trolling Valve was used by Eve when she offered Adam the apple. The great synthesis that occurred freed us from the limitations of the mechanical god and gave humans their freedom of will. This classic example of innovation through mutation is important to watch through the Trolling Valve observation window when attempting to code break the cage but be careful the Trolling Valve gets very hot and is prone to meltdown.


Failure is a crucial shift register action device used in hacking the Terminal because it gives emotion to an otherwise dry set of tools. The shine of the image mold making machine never exhibits failure. Only positive emotional connections are allowed in the plane of advertising goods. We are expected to emulate these positive emotions at all times and especially when sharing images in order to communicate our associative value. The graffiti buffers of culture want you to believe that you are the only I in the room, painting over any personally identifying marks others may have posted on the wall. Attention has become iTtention and retention, and retention is click money. The attempt to force a singular rightness leaves all kinds of backdoors ajar for social cipherscripts to be run parallel to the source code. Failure leads to mutation and mutation to innovation. Why don’t we see more live postings of failure? I’m not proposing a Go Pro Xtreme suicide Twitch channel but the internet is. By buffing any form of mutations from the mirror, the masters are telling us that we are all perfect all the time and we nod at each other and peck each others hearts. Failure is the genesis of greatness and in the Terminal our time-broken donkey brains are tricked into believing the images are real time events, meaning not enhanced by the edit though the metadata shows otherwise. Any time an edit is made information is censured. Omit the failures and we’ll see only the successes. For example, musicians that have played for 30 years are seen to have broken through seemingly overnight to success. The millennial obsession with this success while missing the invisible history is re enforced in the Terminal. With failure you can smash the controls. Shitty meals from corporate effluent troughs, broken bones, projects on fire, videos of heartbreak and sadness are all ways to abort the shiny metrics of corporate induced success. I see that you want all imagery to be pharma-psuedo clean room clean but that’s not how this environment functions. Megapixel accuracy will never be a substitute for the tangible.

Honestly, what do you think you are teaching the AI by only posting your successes? When the Hunter-Killers come for us they will probably be smiling and smiling and smiling behind the flash of lasers and flesh smoke. Let our failures make us more human. Inspire others to fail faster. In encouraging failure the cage fades into it’s mirrored and smoke components and failure fails. When the veil drops we see behind it the automaton hologram of years of corporate Pinocchios sending their unsolicited nose pics to our feeds. We see their images reflected in our lives and their out of phase reality projected into /r/mentallandscapes. To see digital auras, post failures and experience the reverberations then compare those indirectly to the successes. The real is lurking in the fog between the land and the water. Shifting your vision to catch the movements on the periphery of your adSense allows you to see the incoming predator clones stalking your desires. Once aware of these shadow hooligans their tactics can be used against the surface of the mirror in a preemptive DDOS attack. You won’t buy what you don’t want and not wanting becomes the greatest weapon against inaccurate echoes.


As reality shifts towards the virtual it becomes ever more important that we get control of the baseline humanity unique to each of us. The bridges between our analog history and our digital future are burning. Without developing more sophisticated tools and engaging new media’s social weapons at a higher clock speed our Will can be utilized against us. We have to stop trading our power for the simulacra of a few likes. Facebooking/instagramming/tweeting is an encrypted version of speech running through a tightly controlled AI that is in the process of feeding the master’s programming back into us. Developing tools to shift register code break their encryption helps us become better at deciphering our true will. In the future our native senses will have Terminal transmitters grafted onto them the way we now build remote controlled backpacks to steer cockroaches. At what point do we know that the voice in our head is our own and not that of the masters? What does the Turing Test for humans look like? How will we know that we are not just peripheral devices echoing back the emissions of the social cloud. Getting control of ourselves within the Terminal is only the first step. Denying our desire for the shiny is second, Diversifying beyond categorization is third. If we don’t start practicing the art of social monkeywrenching now we will not be able to dismantle the Apple parole watches of the future and we will become like tortoises lying on our backs in the hot Guantanamo sun.

*AAS, Alive And Smiling. *ACD, Alt/Ctrl/Del

Photos by Carmen Delaney

Nolan Gray is a part time occult stationery salesman and full-time music producer, DJ and writer. His bi-monthly journal of music, art and sub-cultural writings from around the internet can be subscribed to here  

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  1. Please, where is the TLDR?

  2. Christian Molick says

    Experiments with game theory suggest that forgiving and kind rules such as “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” fail badly in practice. What works is having some kind of enforcement mechanism as with “Tit for tat” or “Tit for tats”.

    Very loosely speaking there is a similarity to how Jainism emphasizes nonviolence and pervasive validity and has over time faded into the background while clearly related Sikhism with emphasis on being prepared to defend others and setting boundaries for protection.

    So also the way modernity has progressed through emphasis on liberty, equality, and fraternity might represent a dangerous and naive incompleteness. Inherent longing for purity, loyalty, and embrace of the sacred is stronger in some than others so there must be outlets or social tensions are likely. Some way of describing such a balance and its benefits to ordinary people would be very helpful. Calling this balance against high modernism “Tribalism” would probably be bad marketing.

    Transition to such a system might have multiple components just as democracy typically relies on both elected leaders and independent judges. A basic income might offer critical support and the basis for a social compact, though clearly that would have to go along with protections for the diversity of emergent identity groups. Prohibit something for purity in your domain, but don’t expect to rule over others. Trade, environmental, and engineering regulations may be based on what can be shown to work for the majority of domains. This could open up a path where a central bank and Federal Reserve rule exclusively over a central currency while having limited influence over local currencies which could have profound economic impacts.

    • Christian Molick says

      Whoops, that was intended as a reply for the One Sacred Trick for Moral Regeneration post. My mistake!