Refactorings Roundup: 12/09/18 – 1/28/19

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Looks like people didn’t do much writing over the break and the start of the New Year, but did do plenty of reading. We have 8 posts by friends of ribbonfarm and 20 links from the dragnet.

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New Posts

  1. A new kind of overclocking by @msweet. Link
  2. Committing to Meditation by @bkam. Link
  3. On the felicities of graph-based game-board design: thirteen by zenpundit. Link
  4. Diving Into Ethereum Smart Contracts by @zacharius. Link
  5. Player vs. Character: A Two-Level Model of Ethics by Sarah Constantin. Link
  6. 2018 Reads by Joseph Kelly. Link
  7. In Conversation: SF Movie Adaptations w/ Seth Heasley by @adrianryan. Link
  8. Book Recommendations: An Everyone Culture and Moral Mazes by srconstantin. Link

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Stuff We Read

  1. A more adaptable strategy for IPD than generous tit for tat. Link. ht @britt
  2. The wisdom of the all-father, wisest and most cunning of the gods.Link. ht @britt
  3. The Power of Talk: On Different styles of communication. Link. ht @bkam
  4. Hilary Hahn demonstrates playing violin pieces with various hindrances .Link. ht @strangeattractor
  5. (Long) interview with Adam Curtis. Link. ht @bkam
  6. Retorospective on the work of Donald Knuth. Link. ht @vgr
  7. Children raised by wolves.Link. ht @BruceJia
  8. What wit is and why we need it. Link. ht @dereklh
  9. Interactive tour of Garden of Earthly Delights (Hieronymus Bosch tryptich). Link. ht @vgr
  10. The Great Disillusionist (on Giacomo Leopardi). Link. ht @vgr
  11. Wendy Carlos created new scales, by doing away with octaves. Link. Link. ht @nindokag
  12. Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. Link. ht @vgr
  13. A classic post on the misuse of categories in thinking and language. Link. ht @a
  14. A housewife manifesto. Link. ht @vgr
  15. Seeing like a network. Link. ht @vgr
  16. Generating wholes. Link. ht @msweet
  17. Deconstructing mindfulness. Link. ht @msweet
  18. If God Could Be Killed, it’d Be Dead Already. Link. ht @aRandomCat
  19. Staying Positive Without Going Insane. Link. ht @aRandomCat
  20. It’s All Over. Link. ht @vgr

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  1. I am commenting on this post with my blog link for potential inclusion. Newest post is called “Fools and their time metaphors,” which is inspired in part by Tempo and an old Ribbonfarm piece called “Fools and their money metaphors.” It’s about the metaphors we use when we talk about time (and the ways in which our calendar software is shaping/mediating our understanding of time). My Twitter handle is @aaronzlewis.