Refactorings Roundup: 1/28/19 – 3/10/19

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It’s been nearly 6 weeks since the last time I did this roundup from our mastodon. It’s now a series, so you can navigate backwards to find good stuff.  Even with some automation (thanks Zach), generating a reasonable curated selection from the hive-mind of a community is not an easy task. Still, I find it’s worth doing for the sheer oddity of the things that get into the dragnet.

In other news, I’ve gotten really good at making omeletes with the Just Egg plant-based egg substitute, which is really good.

Unlike auteur-curated link roundups, which tend to have an impoverished sameness even with the best curators, a reasonable sized community that is sufficiently open tends to have weird shit on its mind if you periodically fMRI it. I’ve been trying to follow a bonsai-style curation approach, trying to reveal the natural tendencies of this firehose rather than filter by my own interests. We have a total of 16 posts from friends of ribbonfarm, and 27 links from around the web.

Among the new posts, I want to call out Chenoe Hart’s post Free Shipping (#1 on the New Posts list), Sarah Constantin’s posts on general intelligence (#7) and Ilia Gimelfarb’s post (#14).

Alright here we go.

This roundup is a human-filtered subset of links and short takes aggregated by the Feed Fox bot authored by Zach Faddis, and running on the Mastodon instance. You can follow the bot directly if you want the unfiltered firehose.

New Posts

  1. Free Shipping by Chenoe Hart .Link. ht @vgr
  2. Personalized Medicine For Real by srconstantin. Link
  3. Exponential Secretary by putanumonit. Link
  4. The parable of the pebbles by @meaningness. Link
  5. Omega Learning by @vgr. Link
  6. An experiment in phonelessness by @bkam. Link
  7. Humans Who Are Not Concentrating Are Not General Intelligences by srconstantin. Link
  8. In Conversation: 2018 In Review by @adrianryan. Link
  9. Remembering mathematician and Glass Bead Gamer Bob de Marrais by zenpundit. Link
  10. On writing at speed by @bkam. Link
  11. Evolve: A Quick Reference for Wardley Mapping by @tasshin. Link.
  12. On the felicities of graph-based game-board design: fifteen by zenpundit. Link
  13. Democracy Is a Bad Winner by @stefanozorzi. Link
  14. Circumstances, Agency, and Just Deserts by Ilia Gimelfarb. Link
  15. The Relationship Between Hierarchy and Wealth by srconstantin. Link
  16. The Burja Mapping series. Link. ht @tasshin

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Stuff We Read

  1. A take on empathy I haven’t seen before. Link. ht @Analyst4profit
  2. Tombstone Urbanism in China. Link. ht @vgr
  3. Easter problem of horology and why Patek Philippe watch needs service. Link. ht @vgr
  4. Intelligence…may be a result of this underlying non-local information field. Link. ht @aRandomCat
  5. A world without clouds. Link. ht @vgr
  6. Maps of urban built environments without the ground parts. Link. ht @vgr
  7. The soothing promise of our own artisanal internet. Link. ht @shiva
  8. The garden and the stream. Link. ht @vgr
  9. Real last words. Link. ht @vgr
  10. Logtime: The Subjective Scale of Life The Logarithmic Time Perception Hypothesis. Link. ht @vgr
  11. Public, private and sidewalk life in the modern world. Link. ht @msweet
  12. The Art of the Pan. Link. ht @bkam
  13. Practical utopians guide to the coming collapse. Link. ht @nindokag
  14. Penguin necks versus cormorant necks. Link. ht @BruceJia
  15. Age differences in risky choices: a meta-analysis. Link. ht @vgr
  16. The log/event processing pipeline you can’t have. Link. ht @nindokag
  17. Nobody Knows How to Learn a Language. Link. ht @tasshin
  18. Anthill art. Link. Link. ht @vgr
  19. A brief history of tunnels. Link. ht @vgr
  20. Why don’t we eat seals? Link. ht @BruceJia
  21. Colony for AIs. Link. ht @BruceJia
  22. 500 year l0ng science experiment with bacteria. Link. ht @vgr
  23. Russia is stealing the Magnetic North Pole :) Link. ht @vgr
  24. Moving beyond cyberpunk. Link. ht @vgr
  25. Deepmind gets inside the human OODA loop in Starcraft. Link. ht @vgr
  26. Dropping out in China. Link. ht @vgr
  27. An interesting dialogue about institutions and truth. tldr: It’s turtles all the way. Link. ht @machado

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Short Takes

“I’ve always been interested in comics for their cultural-fringe nature — they’re visual storytelling as edge case, not remotely fitting into the structures and shapes of commercial visual narrative. This is why elements of comics have always trickled back into the cultural mainstream – comics are one giant cheap-ass lab full of unpaid volunteers let loose with old machinery and out-of-date chemicals.” — Warren Ellis

via  @vgr

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