Write For Us

Contributions to ribbonfarm are mostly by invitation, but we are always open to interesting pitches from people we don’t know yet. If you’re interested in writing for us, email us a pitch (~1 paragraph) and a couple of links to published posts via this contact form

All ribbonfarm posts are longform, which generally means a minimum of 1500 words, and often 3000-4000 words. Occasionally, we go as high as 8000 words. We host 4 categories of contributions

  1. Guest: one-off posts
  2. Resident: residents write a series of 4-5 related posts
  3. Editor-at-Large: long-time friend of ribbonfarm who contributes occassionally
  4. Contributing Editor: regular staff contributor who also helps set editorial direction

We pay small honoraria for guest and resident posts.

The best way to get a sense of how to write for ribbonfarm is to read some recent posts, and sample some older posts via the new readers page. You may want to follow @ribbonfarm, contributing editor Sarah Perry (@sarahdoingthing) and executive editor Venkatesh Rao (@vgr).