Quarantine Art

I tweeted a sketch of the view from my balcony, from an abandoned project to make a proper art piece, and slashdottir made this rather snazzy quick study out of it. Sometimes twitter is very liminal. Also check out people’s interesting art projects.

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  1. Fascinating stuff, Venkat – thank you for your contributions to intelligent life on this rock. There are too many examples of the opposite.
    Coincidentally, my son was born in Windsor, on the other side of the moat (Detroit River, of course). We presently are hunkered down on Vancouver Island. It has a bigger moat. And very useful at this time. To be honest, I feel bad to be on this paradise when so many family and friends are in Windsor and Detroit.
    If you have a spare minute or two, you might find an interesting story or two in my recent book, Quantum Events – that is science-speak for Short Stories. I tried to get into the heads of a variety of sentient beings: neandertals, old people, women (that was hard), murderers (distressingly easy)…
    It is available at https://rutherfordpress.ca.
    A social-distance-high-five!