Refactor Camp: Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Weirding Summary and Wrap Up

Last weekend we hosted a diverse crowd for this year’s Refactor Camp.

You can see the schedule and copies of the public talks here:

Attendee Tim Beiko prepared a great set of notes for many of the talks:

Links to the talks during the livestream are below.  We will be uploading edited versions soon!  Check back later for a complete set of all available public talks.



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Joseph Kelly is an entrepreneur based in Austin, TX.


  1. Tried to watch one on an interesting topic. Room was an echo chamber with no damping in the video soundrack. Ergo unlistenable. Is the sound of the edits groomed? Perhaps I’ll look at notes. Good transcript s would need best, with timestamps for deck changes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Clumsy Dad says

    that’s… a pretty intense assortment of stuff ! I’ve been on steemit gathering STEEM