The Weird State of the State

This is the slide-deck for the first session of Refactor Camp 2016, on Tuesday the 19th. If you’re attending, please make sure to carve out at least 45 minutes beforehand to review this.

[slideshare id=64088940&doc=weirdstateofstate-160716201155]

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  1. There seems to be an incomplete sentence on slide 57, at the end of the first paragraph.

  2. Thanks, will fix and upload a new edition after the session

  3. This is a great refresher of OoPO (and preview of POaPD), thanks! Will there be a recording of the session?

  4. There are 2 books called the “Dictator’s Handbook” with different authors and subtitles (both curiously published in 2012).

  5. Any possibility of getting these “decks” in an alternative format? I suppose many are happy with the slide show format, but I just had a devil of a time reading the first one on a tablet, having nothing else on hand at the time. The forward and back arrows are so close to the slider I kept jumping into the middle of the deck and it took me a long while to figure out why. Can it be run through some XXXtohtml converter and that posted as an alternate link? Also, I could do kindle text to speech and use “immersion” (reading and hearing it at the same time).

    Thanks, Hal

  6. What I could really use is a way to print these 2 or 4 to a page. Maybe a linux utility to turn it into pdf or ps which is 2 or 4 to page (for dumb reasons, I might have to print it on a windows machine)

  7. Thanks for the PDF Ribbon farm, I also had some reservations about joining linkedin in order to get into slideshare, I feel like LinkedIn just sucks down mass information.

    I enjoyed this visit to the Ribbon farm, I hope that your guys agricultural prospects continue to thrive.

  8. Last night, I think there was mention of a facebook page & that the chat records would be put there, but I can’t find an reference to the fb page’s name, and my guesses are failing. What is it?

    Thanks, Hal

  9. This is all beautiful, but where do you get to the point of the states “weirdness”? Wasn’t a weird state a state which desires to become something else, which aspires to perform a transgression?

    I give an example. In September 2015 Mrs Merkel claimed that the borders of Germany cannot ( should not ) be defended; the government essentially gave up on the state and one of its core functions, much to the surprise of the people who were called to form a nation-wide humanitarian NGO. Far apart from being an evil clown like Johnson, Farage or Trump the anarchist-at-the-top may be an otherwise reasonable looking person who lacks entertaing qualities and whose phrases bores everyone to death.

    Institutional analysis isn’t enough and as the theorist par eccellence of the contradictory organization you are uniquely prepared to see through this. Democracy isn’t an end, it has just become the ideology of the clueless layer.