The Berliners #3: Sparring Session


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  1. There is a reason why fox is the best character in competitive super smash brothers melee

  2. Hate to be a killjoy, but from what I see neither Fox nor Hedgehog scored any touches; therefore no points awarded and match is a draw. One could argue that some of the “fwooping” puts Fox in illegal positions relative to Hedgehog, so FIE rules might award penalty points to Hedgehog. But that would be winning like Tim Ferriss is reputed to have won that Japanese martial arts tournament by dehydrating himself into a much lower weight class and then exploiting the rules to merely push his opponents from the ring rather than score points using the actual techniques of the ryu.
    Then, again, I surmise the point of the cartoon is that Hedgehog is disappointed that Fox has so many different angles of “attack”. I confess that these strips have been fairly opaque to me.

    • Heh! Still playing with the characters and getting a sense of them so the strips are not so much opaque as empty. They’re more like establishing shots than true episodes. This was an ambitious attempt to metaphorically illustrate the debate styles, with fox splitting into two with each attempted jab. i.e. able to argue from any position.

  3. I love the strip.

    However, I have a few quibbles. A better representation of the Fox would have had her doing something unorthodox in an attempt to gain advantage. For example, grabbing the foil by the wrong end and whipping the hand-guard assembly at the hedgehog. Or abandoning the foil altogether and heaving a tomahawk at Mach 3 at the hedgehog.

    Also, while I am Fox 24/7 all-day, every-day — the Hedgehog should have been the better fencer. But incapable of attacking like described above.