The Berliners #2: This is Important

This is important

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  1. Sometimes you gotta browbeat.

  2. That’s an easy one.
    The fox’s data is made of bits and pieces scattered all over the place so when an new item comes in it’s “important” :-) to know where to put it.
    The hedgehog view being more integrated any new item has a “natural place” due to it’s own intrinsic characteristics.

  3. Plus, beware of metaphors, they may be soothing but also delusional:

  4. I’ll interpret the comic as saying the following:
    1. Foxes need context because they know many concepts and have to make new information fit into a context given that not every piece of new info is relevant to every concept they know. For instance, the concept of sth. being “important” depends on info. about who it’s important to.
    2. Hedgehogs focus on only on one big thing; thus they don’t need context to determine whether something possesses a certain quality or not.