The Berliners #1


Introducing The Berliners, an experimental ribbonfarm comic strip inspired by (but not limited to) Isaiah Berlin’s Fox and Hedgehog. Drawn by Grace, written by Venkat. Please bear with us while we both learn the craft.

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About Venkatesh Rao

Venkat is the founder and editor-in-chief of ribbonfarm. Follow him on Twitter


  1. Nicely done.

    However the reading order of the panels is not clear. Since the bottom left panel is high enough to cross the bottom line of the top right (second) panel, one would think it itself is the second panel and not the third.

  2. David Kates says

    Wonderful bright colors and an easy to read font. Now all you need is some material.
    “No more crazy.” Does the fox have a history of crazy behavior?
    The rat/opossum/hedgehog, did it jump or was it thrown?