Refactor Camp 2015: Narrative

It’s Refactor Camp time again for the fourth time.  As with the last three years, the event will again be held in the Bay Area over the first weekend in March.  This year, that’s the weekend of March 7-8 in San Francisco. Click here to register.


The theme this year is narrative. Even though this remains a small event of about <50, it looks like we will have a remarkably diverse set of takes on the theme, from narrative-themed card games and exercises with tropes  to prediction exercises and lightning talks about the role of narrative in culture and politics.  Check out the event page for more details on the content.

About 3/4 of the tickets have already been claimed by returning attendees from previous years, so if you want one of handful left over for new attendees, grab it now. Joseph Kelly is doing all the heavy lifting pulling this together, so major thanks are due to him.

We’ve been able to lower the price from $95 – $75 this year, thanks mainly to the generous in-kind support from hardware startup Plethora, who are hosting us at their futuristic manufacturing facility. We’ve avoided free venues in the past, since a highlight of the event has been uniqueness of venue and activity possibilities, but this time, we’ve managed to pull together “free” and “unique.” Plethora founder Nick Pinkston (who spoke at the first Refactor Camp in 2012 and has been a regular since) will be conducting a factory tour, showing us how Terminators, interstellar drives and hover boards are being assembled. He will also be conducting a tour of the Dogpatch industrial/waterfront neighborhood.


In other news, I’ll be participating in another interesting event: the Exosphere Hydra II bootcamp, in Vina del Mar, Chile, as a facilitator. I’ll be there the second half of April for two weeks, teaching a short course that I hope to make more broadly available afterwards. If you’re looking for a great venue to launch a major life change (a startup, lifestyle business, career change), this might be for you. They have a few spots left I believe (I’ll be there only for 2 weeks, but the full bootcamp is 8 weeks; runs March 16 – May 8).

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