Deskless in Seattle, Future of Data Survey

First off, thanks to my guest bloggers in the past couple of weeks, Drew Austin and Kevin Simler, for covering for me. It’s been a crazy-chaotic time for me lately, but the dust is finally settling.

Two quick updates: I am moving to Seattle, and I need help with a Survey.  Details:

Deskless in Seattle

I am moving to Seattle early next week. It’s been a great 18 months here in Las Vegas, and I’ve grown genuinely fond of the city. But it’s time to move on, and as trailing spouse, I go where my wife goes.

So Seattle it is. Am pretty excited about it, since I really liked the city the one time I visited, and of course, with Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks there, I expect to find a really interesting business/social/cultural ecosystem there to explore, think about and write about. A Mecca really, for someone like me with a background in aerospace engineering, print/publishing and loads of coffee-drinking experience.

If you’re in the area and not already in touch with me, drop me a note or let me know in the comments. If there is critical mass, I am hoping to start an online+offline group there, modeled on the one we’ve had going in the Bay Area for almost two years now (we restrict the Bay Area group to people who’ve met two or more existing group members in person, so if you’re interested in it, make sure you show up the next time I post a public event).

Also, an offer: am looking to barter consulting time for drop-in desk space/office space and coffee privileges. I enjoy bumming around and working out of different locations, so if you’re interested, we can talk a trade.

Future of Data Survey

Finally, I need to ask for a favor.

One of my current consulting projects is a research report for the CSC Leading Edge Forum (LEF) on “The Future of Data.” As part of this work, I am conducting a survey of senior IT executives on the state of data technologies within their companies.

If you are a senior IT executive (CIO or a couple of levels below), or know someone who is, I’d really appreciate your help. I am trying to get as diverse a group of industries as possible represented.

Here’s a link to the survey, you can complete it yourself if you are a senior IT executue, and/or forward it to any you know: Future of Data Survey

And a couple of recent blog posts related to the ongoing research, for those of you involved in data stuff.

This project has been very interesting for me incidentally, since in many ways, I am the worst person in the world to be doing an assessment of the future of data, given that my primary thinking style is intuitive/metaphoric/narrative-driven, and informed by as little data as I can get away with.

In my head, I’ve titled the report (which will be out in January), “The Future of Data for and by Non-Data-Driven Dummies.”


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  1. Hey Venkat,

    I’d be happy to show you around the innovation ecosystem here in Seattle and bring you into the social entrepreneurship community. It’s kind of a passion of mine.

    Here’s me: