Kindle Edition Status, Glossary, Global Availability, Road Trip Contd.

Hi folks:

I’ve been busy with background stuff for the last month. I’ve mainly been evaluating different approaches to growing this site and tried a few experimental ideas that didn’t work out well enough to post.

But I finally have a sense of where I want to take this, so expect to see much more steady action on this blog from now on.

Updates on some routine stuff:

  • The book is now available in most corners of the world via the Book Depository. In the US, Canada and UK of course, it is probably easiest to get via Amazon (click here for links).
  • Yes, yes, I am working on the Kindle edition. That’s one of the back-end things that’s holding up this blog. It’s not hard, but it IS an annoying typesetting chore (I basically have to re-typeset the LaTeX source into html, a pain).
  • I am also working on a glossary which many readers have asked for. I’ll post it here when it is reasonably complete, and include it in the next edition, whenever that happens.
  • I’ll be continuing my road trip to promote the book starting approximately July 11.  I’ll be in LA for a few days, the Bay Area for a few weeks, and Portland/Seattle/Vancouver, BC for another week or so. Stay tuned for further details, which I’ll post on

In the mean time, thanks for your support of the book, and do let me know what else you’d like to see on this site. My overall goal is to use this site to take the book to a whole new level rather than just adding marginal value. In fact, if things go according to plan and the book turns out to have enduring value for enough people, my plan is to gradually shift the center of gravity of the conversation from the book’s future editions to this site.

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading the book!!

  2. Scarhawk says

    Will the book be available as .epub on Kobo Books also?