Rabble Rouser: Seattle WA


Deepak Jois has launched a copy of the Stealth Edition named "Rabble Rouser" on its journeys from Seattle. He writes

"I just finished reading Tempo, and found it very insightful for the most part. Reading the book took a significant amount of my mental
energies, so I am going to pass on an actual review :). However, I did take a photo of the book with the Seattle Space Needle in the

"For the most part." Ouch, that hurt.

A lot of people are finding the book quite a dense read though, again a surprise for me.

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About Tempo


  1. The book *is* dense! I can attest to that. 2nd time through and it’s still taking me time to clarify points and chew on things more thoroughly.

  2. I am beginning to understand why. I did spend a lot of time on several sections where I was trying to make one sentence or paragraph serve lots of functions, onion-like, revealing more or less depending on the perspective/life experience of the reader.

    Now, I am trying to mitigate the denseness a bit by developing some good collateral which I plan to post online. For starters, I am putting together a glossary. But the killer collateral material would probably comprise really good tempo-thinking exercises for each chapter. The skills sections are sort of doing that, but they don’t go far enough.

    • etcwarrionr says

      I suspect that Tempo wouldn’t be a dense book for you. Your reading habits are more extraordinary than you realize. I’m not sure my worst semester in college ever required the volume of reading that you seem to crank through for pleasure. Though, having just typed that, I probably do more discretionary reading now than I ever had as assigned reading. I guess density is the difference; my reading is mostly news and blogs. While I might start reading two or three books per month, I doubt I finish them at a rate of even one per month.