The Tempo Road Trip

It’s been quite an insane few weeks, but finally I can cut loose and have some fun with my free agency. Tempo is now on The early “Stealth Edition” on Lulu has been retired (sorry no more discounts until Amazon decides to offer some; I am doing my best to get the Kindle edition out as soon as possible though). The book site is up and running. I’ve also put most of my stuff into storage in preparation for a nomadic summer, based out of the Barbarian city of Las Vegas. The main act is a major road trip, spread across two legs, across most of the lower 48 states of the US. Here’s the rough map of the route. The first leg of the trip will be DC to Vegas, between next Monday (May 2) and approximately May 24.

The detailed logistics are in the inaugural post on the Tempo blog. If you’d like to meet me and participate in the road trip, click through and post a comment on that post. I am closing comments on this post to avoid confusion.

The immediate purpose of the road trip is to jump-start the Tempo blog and get the conversation around the book going in an interesting way. I will be live-blogging the entire trip in a Tempo-themed way, mostly in short-post, photo-blog and video-blog formats.  After ribbonfarm and the Be Slightly Evil list, the Tempo site is going to be my third major online property, and I am really hoping I can get good at the photo/video/short format/high frequency model I have planned for that site.

More broadly, the idea is to simply explore different places, meet different people and restock the hopper for all my writing with fresh experiences, conversations and other stimulating raw material. One of the dangers of blogging is that it is easy to get stale and start repeating yourself, drawing on fading memories of the same raw material over and over, especially if you don’t have a regular job feeding you live experiences to reflect upon. I hope the road trip recharges my writing.

It’s been insane getting ready for this trip (you’ll see glimpses of that once I start the liveblogging on Monday night), but I am hoping it will be worth it, and I am really looking forward to meeting some of the really curious characters I’ve met through ribbonfarm.

Before you click on over to the main post about the road trip, a couple more requests:

  1. If you’ve already read all or part of the book, I’d really appreciate a quick comment on the Reader Responses page.
  2. Now that the regular edition is out on Amazon, if you were planning on writing a review on your own blog, Amazon, or somewhere else, go right ahead. I’d appreciate a link to in addition to the link to the Amazon listing.
  3. If you were planning on playing the Tempo Tracer game at the back of the Stealth Edition, It would be a lot of fun if you finish the book, pass it on, and send in your picture sometime in the next few weeks

So head on over to the main post about the road trip.

p.s. Thanks to everybody who bought the Stealth Edition and helped fund this trip: I sold over 200 copies in less than a month.

p.p.s As expected there were some oopses with the Stealth Edition. Many US-based readers got copies with a misprinted page 12. Get the corrected page here. Readers in the UK and Europe appear to have received copies with all the apostrophes missing. Ouch. Sorry, but I can’t really fix that.

p.p.p.s Yes, regular programming on ribbonfarm and Be Slightly Evil will continue as usual.

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  1. If you’d like to post a comment, please do so on the post with all the road trip logistics and details at the Tempo blog.