Cloudworker Board Game Revisited

In October last year, I sketched out a concept for an open-source board game that I tentatively titled “Brandhood” (I think I’d now want to call it just “Cloudworker”).  The idea was picked up by the NY Times and went mildly viral.


I haven’t done much with it, since I have no idea how to actually make a board game at the detailed level.  Well now, my buddy from work, @poinky alerted me that there is a new start up called Game Crafter that allows self-publishing and selling of board games. So the question: anyone interested in collaborating with me to make this happen? I got a lot of interest/curiosity, but few actual volunteers last time around, but maybe this time, with a path-to-publication opening up, we can make it happen. We’ll sell the thing on Game Crafter and also release the source material free for people who want to make their own version. Check out the game’s home page to get the details, and connect if interested! Seems to me we mainly need Photoshop/Illustrator skills and someone with deeper detailed/technical understanding of board games than I have. I will, err…, supervise. It appears that all that is needed is the artwork for the game, a document with rules, and indications of what game play pieces (dice etc.) are to be provided.

p.s. since coming up with the concept, I have learned about Robert “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Kiyosaki’s board game, Cash Flow, which seems to have a few similar ideas.

p.p.s. This revival is also partly inspired by a discussion I participated in yesterday at, about freelancing, online markets, the role of big corporations vis-a-vis little guys, etc.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting concept for a board game, haha. I’m afraid I don’t know much about game development, but it would be cool to own a copy if it is created. :)

  2. Daemeon Reiydelle says

    Why is the US version of The Office so much richer and compelling than the BBC original? The rules to the former lead to a compelling game. The rules to the latter only take photoshoppe, some rulles, and strategie. Get your 12.