Neatness, Organization and Unsociability

Since it’s been more than week since my last post, I thought I’d do a quick meta-post for those of you who don’t follow my off-ribbonfarm blogging gigs. The next original ribbonfarm post will have to wait till next week, since I am in the middle of a rather hectic trip. So here are two selections that seem to have sparked interest.

On the Enterprise 2.0 blog, I recently posted a piece that seems to have struck a chord with many people. The premise: a lot of people misunderstand the ‘social’ in ‘social media.’

The Unsociable Radically Individualist Soul of Social Media

My other semi-regular outlet is GTDTimes, where I just posted a piece on the role of things like information, entropy and organizational metaphors in productivity, and how that illuminates the difference between neatness and organization.

Meaning, Neatness and Organization

I really should get disciplined about doing a round-up of my outside blogging here, but until I do, if you like my writing on the themes of social media and productivity, you might want to subscribe to those RSS feeds.  My rough philosophy at ribbonfarm has been: if a theme gets a lot of coherence and clear boundaries, I ought to move it to a focused blog as a guest contributor. In a sense ribbonfarm is my incubator blog. If a vein of writing is thematically definable, I kinda itch to spin it off. Spin-offs help me keep ribbonfarm a sandbox for less clearly-defined stuff; a writing laboratory as opposed to a writing factory.

Of course there’s a practical spread-too-thin limit. Right now I am blogging on 3 sites and writing a book. Something had to give. My internal blogging at work has fallen by the wayside.

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  1. I follow your posts just as if I’d written them myself. I wish I’d found this sooner! Tapecually Love that you shared results from Clifton strengths finder test. Sounds like me to a t!

  2. Thanks Lisa. So since this is what you’d have written yourself, I expect I can rely on you for some word-of-mouth promotion for this blog, and liberal use of the ’email this’ button :)