Vote for ‘Cloudworker’ Among Plantronics Contest Finalists!

Dear readers:

For the first time, I am asking a specific favor of you. My contribution, ‘cloudworker’, to the Plantronics contest to invent a new term for ‘telecommuter’ has made it to the top 10 finalists list from over 500 entries. The winner will be chosen by popular vote at:

You can vote once a day between Oct 30 and Nov 7. I honestly do think ‘cloudworker’ is the best of the lot.

My request, please bookmark the link above and vote as many of the days over the next week as you can, and please email your contacts/post this to facebook etc. to get me some word-of-mouth votes

Here is some boilerplate text you can use in your emails/re-blogs/Facebook profiles etc.


Venkatesh Rao, a blogger at who I read regularly, coined the term “cloudworker” and entered it in a contest, run by Plantronics, to update the obsolete term “telecommuter.” The term is one of the 10 finalists out of over 500, and I really think it deserves to win, since it captures how remote workers today use cloud-based technology to work anywhere/anytime.

The winner will be selected by popular vote, so please go to and vote for “cloudworker”. You can vote once a day between Oct 30 and Nov 7, so it’d be great if you could bookmark the link and remember to vote multiple times.

You might like Venkat’s ongoing series of posts on cloudworkers:

The Cloudworker’s Creed

Please forward this to any of your friends who are interested in ‘future of work’ stuff.

Your Name Here

If the term wins, I promise to be a diligent steward/participant of the concept in any conversations that might ensue.

Really counting on you guys! Go Cloudworker!


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  1. I think technomad is a little better.

    wirerider isn’t bad either

  2. Aww, c’mon. That’s so 90s.

    Guys, keep voting!! TechNomad is starting to pull ahead!


  3. Technomad is definitely 90s. Look it up on wikipedia and you will know what I mean. We need a fresh term and “cloudworker” fits beautifully with the times.
    Venkat, I for one have voted for “cloudworker” on both days so far.