The Sage of Ribbonfarm #1

Sage 1

(Ribbonfarm is insanely proud to debut a weekly comic panel, inspired by R. K. Laxman’s style. You can contribute your own 1-panel gag ideas through the contact form. The only rule is that the gag must be generally about research and innovation, and that the black-curly-haired guy must be in every scene. Describe the visual and punchline in your suggestion).

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  1. :)
    Looking forward to the weekly fun !!

    btw, I was looking up Scientology on wikipedia for some other reference and came across the following sentence…
    “Scientology states that there is no absolute right or wrong but that right and wrong are actually a gradient from right to wrong. An action must contain construction which outweighs the destruction it contains in order to be considered good.”

    I know it doesn’t map completely to the cartoon above, but it was funny to come across both the cartoon and that sentence on the same day.