The Rust Age (2007-2012)

This is a start page for the first five years of ribbonfarm (2007-2012), retroactively named the Rust Age.

Here is a map (circa 2012) of the territory covered during the Rust Age, and a glossary in case you get confused. To get an overall sense of the age, read these two anchor posts:

Here is a curated set of four collections of old posts that may help you get more out of new posts. Ebook editions are currently under preparation and will be available in August 2017.

  1. The Art of Refactored Perception (15 posts)
  2. Towards an Appreciative View of Technology (14 posts)
  3. Getting Ahead, Getting Along, Getting Away (21 posts)
  4. The Mysteries of Money (17 posts)

Each collection is approximately the size of an average book of 50,00o – 75,000 words. So if you are determined to catch up on the conversation, a few lazy weekends should do it. If you want to dive in more comprehensively, here are the complete annual roundups from 20122011201020092008 and 2007.

The Rust Age also generated a book, Tempo, and two ebooks: The Gervais Principle and Be Slightly Evil