I mostly speak on themes derived from my current writing interests, and tailored to specific audiences. The easiest way to figure out if I’d be a good speaker for your event is to email me about a specific piece of writing that catches your eye.

Selected Recent and Upcoming Talks

(titles link to videos where available, most slide decks are on slideshare)

  1. Systems Thinking: A Foxy Approach: Chicago, March 2013, ALM Chicago
  2. Resilient Like a Fox: Geneva, February 2013, LIFT13 Conference
  3. Should You Drink the Kool-Aid?  Los Angeles, November 2012, USC Annenberg
  4. Inside the Tempo: October 2012, Boyd and Beyond, Quantico
  5. Wasting Pixels: Malmö, Sweden, August 2012, Media Evolution.
  6. Game of Pickaxes: Los Angeles, July 2012, LA Lean
  7. Breathing Data, Competing with Code:  Chicago, Feb 2012  ALM Chicago.
  8. The Gervais PrincipleNew York, Sept 2011 Economist “Ideas Economy.”
  9. Storytelling and ComplexityLos Angeles, July 2011, SoCal Kanban/Lean Software Meetup.