Summer of Protocols

A quick post about a thing I’m up to. This summer, I’ll be running a program called the Summer of Protocols (SoP) that will fund a bunch of full-time and part-time researchers to think broadly about, tinker with, and write about protocols. The scope is broad. Everything from climate and cultural protocols to TCP/IP and blockchains is in scope, and we’ll be focusing on both technology and science/humanities aspects of protocols. If you think you might be a fit for the program, consider applying. Here is a twitter thread with more details. We’re holding a Zoom town hall where you can learn more and ask questions on Friday, March 10th, 1530 UTC.

The program is funded by the Ethereum Foundation, and the goal is to connect the conversations around protocols that happen in the crypto world to similar conversations in other places.

The program grew out of a pilot project I led over the last 3 months, on the foundations of protocols. My collaborators and I just released a draft of the pilot study, The Unreasonable Sufficiency of Protocols, meant to prime the pump for the SoP. So if you’re interested, I recommend reading that. I also just went on a podcast to talk about the SoP that you may like.

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