Refactor Camp 2014: Computing and Culture

It’s Refactor Camp time again.  As with the last two years, the event will again be held in the Bay Area during the first weekend in March.

This year, that’s the weekend of March 1-2. Click here to register.


The venue this year will be the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. For those unfamiliar with the area, this is in the Bay Area, about an hour south of San Francisco. I am hoping to see more out-of-town attendees this year. In the last couple of years, we’ve had between 4-5 out-of-towners, and they definitely helped get us out of the Silicon Valley echo chamber.

The theme of the event this year will be Computing and Culture, and the format will be a pure barcamp style. More details at the Refactor Camp website.

As before, the event is organized on a non-profit basis, and limited to about 45-50 attendees. The registration is $95 and covers both days, including lunch.

If this is beyond your means, but you really want to attend, email me, and I’ll make a few limited discounted spots available.

So looking forward to another stimulating weekend with both returning attendees and new faces. About 22 spots are already taken via early invites, so if you want one of the remaining spots go register!

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