Roundup, May-August 2013, September in Bay Area, Sponsorship Update

Time for a roundup and Labor-Day long-read fodder for some of you. It’s been a summer of fairly ambitious posts for me. Besides finally finishing up the Gervais Principle series, I managed one usual-ribbonfarm-bag-of-tricks post (#8) and three that strike out in a new and somewhat difficult new direction of thinking/writing for me (#4, #10, #11). Residents Drew, Mike and Kevin added five more essays.

  1. The Gervais Principle VI: Children of an Absent God
  2. Civilization and the War on Entropy (Drew)
  3. Aphorisms: Collection 1
  4. On the Unraveling of Scripts
  5. War and Nonhuman Agency (Mike)
  6. Players versus Spectators
  7. Consciousness: An Outside View (Kevin)
  8. You Are Not an Artisan
  9. The Networked Narrative (Drew)
  10. The Quality of Life
  11. On Freedomspotting
  12. An Archetypes Map
  13. I and Thou and Life in Aspergerstan (Mike)

I also had one ambitious off-Ribbonfarm essay in Aeon Magazine: The American Cloud.

Sponsorship Update

It’s been a slow year on the sponsorship front. The 2013 total stands at $2275 so far, 61% of the 2013 total ($3750).

I suspect turning off the buy-me-a-coffee end-of-post link had something to do with this. It seems to have functioned as a sponsorship entry drug.  But since I don’t like playing behavioral economics games, I’ll leave that turned off.

If you’d like to see this increasing investment in this site, pitch in. I am hoping we can beat last year’s total and hit at least $4000.

Spending September in the Bay Area

In other news, I will be in the Bay Area all through September, working onsite with a consulting client. I am planning on catching up with folks in the area in the evenings as much as I can, and also go fishing for interesting new clients.

There will be a meetup of some of the Bay Area regulars from our Facebook group at La Boulange cafe on University Ave., Palo Alto, on Wednesday Sept 4 at 7 PM. The plan is to drink coffee, eat sandwiches and discuss the interesting developing trend of containerization of code.

I’ll try to pull together at least one more meetup in the city. Maybe a hike/outdoor activity of some sort. Suggestions welcome.

Email me if you’re interested. I should be free to meet up most evenings somewhere in the Peninsula/South Bay area. I’ll probably make it up to San Francisco a few evenings as well.

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