Roundup of 2012 Tempoblog Posts

Here’s a roundup of the original posts from 2012 on the Tempo blog, not counting reblogs, announcements and such-like. A total of 28 posts. Here’s the 2011 roundup. I am quite surprised I managed this many, but I see that most of them are from the first half of the year. Things got kinda crazy in the second half. I seem to be developing a somewhat different style here on the Tempo blog, different from my main blog at ribbonfarm. I spent a lot of time through the year thinking through some of the core themes of the book in greater depth and identifying interesting patterns of ideas for incorporation into the book.

  1. The Examined Life
  2. Annealing the Tactical Pattern Stack
  3. Demystification versus Understanding
  4. Breakout Moves and Exponential Outcomes
  5. Positioning Moves versus Melee Moves
  6. Stress Failures versus Decay Failures
  7. Not Important, Not Urgent
  8. Fertile Variables and Rich Moves
  9. Analysis-Paralysis and The Sensemaking Trap
  10. Appreciative versus Manipulative Mental Models
  11. Time Lensing
  12. Forged Groups
  13. The Daily Ugly
  14. How Life Imitates Chess by Garry Kasparov
  15. Creative Desks versus Administration Desks
  16. The 6-Hour Maker-Manager Work Day
  17. Hacking Grand Narratives
  18. Trigger Narratives and the Nuclear Option
  19. The Tempo of Code
  20. The Fundamentals of Calendar Hacking
  21. Routine, but Cannot be Automated
  22. The Second Most Important Archetype in your Life
  23. Live Life, Not Projects
  24. Motifs, Mascots and Muses at Refactor Camp, 2012
  25. The Tempo Glossary
  26. Does Culture Eat Strategy for Lunch?
  27. Steer, Ready, Fire
  28. Squeakastination: The Opposite of Procrastination

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