The Tempo Glossary

I finally managed to check an item off my to-do list that’s been bugging me for months. There is now a a glossary of terms from Tempo on this site.  You can always get to it directly via a link on the top menu.

It’s one of those annoying little housekeeping tasks that was tedious to do, but now that I am done, it should prove very helpful. In the past, I’ve limited my use of terms from the book in blog posts to avoid losing people through either confusion or repetition. Now I can just link to the definitions. If you write about anything related to the book and need a convenient reference, feel free to link to the specific definition.

I hope to refine and extend the glossary and do longer encyclopedia style entries on some of them, linking off the short entry. While the glossary is mostly for Tempo-specific neologisms, I also have a few borrowed concepts that I use a lot. I plan to judiciously add more of those. There is a good chance that the second edition of the book will actually start with an expanded glossary, representing space I want to explore. I’ll probably do a post on every major new concept I incorporate into the second edition.

Please let me know if I missed any key concepts from the book, or if you have suggestions for borrowed terms that pass the “sufficiently close” test. If it doesn’t pass, I may still link to an external reference on an under-construction references page.

Now that I have this out of the way, I plan to do more posts building explicitly on concepts in the book. Specific requests are welcome.

Hopefully the glossary should be enough for me to not lose readers who haven’t read/finished the book and keep the blog posts stand-alone.

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