The Best Chips in the World

I suppose I must seem crazy to some people. I added a whole hour to my drive to Nebraska just to pass through St. Louis. Not for the arch, but for Billy Goat chips. I first found them in the Chinatown Coffee Company in DC, and decided they were the best packaged chips I’d ever had, easily beating out all but the freshest house-made pub chips. They are local to the St. Louis area, and Chinatown Coffee special-orders them.

When I stopped by and announced I wanted to “buy some chips,” the folks inside looked puzzled. Then they explained that they only made the chips there and that I could go to a retail outlet a few blocks down the street to actually buy them.

But then, one of them got curious when it became clear I knew nothing about the neighborhood and asked where I was from. I explained the DC Chinatown Coffee connection, and the guy said, “well, that’s quite a story, now you’ve got to sell him some chips.” So I scored a large, discounted wholesale bag of chips for $8 (no, it isn’t one of the huge bags in the picture, much smaller. I am not that crazy).

I am all set for the rest of the trip, as far as chips go.

I am not sure if you can order small quantities online, but if you do order any, mention my name and tell ’em to send me a free bag as a commission.

Now to see if I have enough time to actually do the arch. If not, that’ll be for the next visit.

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