Talking Temporal Illegibility in Montreal

Seb Paquet, a rather unorthodox professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal, runs an interesting group in Montreal called Technologies et Savoirs. I did a short talk on why the distinctions between clock time and narrative time can matter in managing the lifecycle of organizations. Very cleverly, I spent more time talking about James Scott’s Seeing Like a State (see my review/summary of the main idea) than about Tempo.

Here’s the video, captured with my iPhone. As Daniel Lemire, another professor at UQ at M, remarked, I was replacing a whole room full of expensive A/V equipment with a $60 microphone for the iPhone. I am beginning to understand why mobile is so disruptive. Anyway, here goes.

Though the recording quality was great, the quality of this video isn’t as good because I had to compress the file using Windows Movie Maker to get it uploaded to YouTube within a reasonable time. And here are the slides (PDF).

It was a cozy little gathering. The other attendees were Mark Frazier of Open World, Martin Lessard and Tiberius Brastaviceanu of the Multitude Project.  A very edge-cultural group in short. After the talk we had an extended, wide-ranging discussion that continued through lunch and beyond. Tired me out a bit, but well worth it.

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