Roundup: Jan 17 – March 20

Since mid-January, we’ve had 16 new new articles. There were 4 articles relating to books, 4 relating to technology,  4 relating to business and economics, and 4 on thinking and philosophy. Here is a grouped list of each of the 16 new posts. But first, some interesting quick highlights.

And now for the 16:

On Books

On Technology

On Economics and Business

On Philosophy

  • Trollope, Fitzgerald and Holmes for the Generalist’s Soul: or perhaps we should call it “Chicken soup for the Renaissance Man’s (Person’s?) Soul.”
  • The UnAha! Experience: some reflections on mathematical counter-examples and how gut insticts and Aha! certainties can be wrong.
  • The Blue Tunnel: the second Ribbonfarm experiment in the graphic novel form, this time more like a picture-book story in the Dr. Seuss “Oh the places you will go” vein.
  • A Map of Communication: Yet another visual-heavy post, this time around a whimsical (okay, half-serious) map of an imagined continent of communication.

If you really want to back-track, here is a link to the last roundup, which was a year-end roundup and covered everything published in 2007.

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