July 2007 Roundup

The first month of operation turned out to be pretty exciting. Ribbonfarm.com went from zero to 17 articles at a brisk average pace of just over an article every two days. The business, economics, philosophy and thinking themes saw the most development, which sort of surprised me, since I’d assumed I’d be able to develop the science and technology themes the fastest. Here is an article-by-article overview of the action, with highlights of the comments section, and for those of you prefer listening to reading, my first ever experiment with podcasting. The podcast provides an overview commentary of the first month’s activity on the site, and also has a sneak preview of upcoming action. It’s going to take me a while to learn this game, so you can have some fun sniggering at my umms, aahs and run on sentences in the meantime.

July 2007 Roundup (22 minutes, 20 MB)

Do let me know if you have problems accessing the podcast, or if you have suggestions for making that better, since this is a very new and still uncomfortable medium for me. I’ll figure out how to optimize the size of the thing soon, so apologies for the 20 MB size.


A total of 17 posts got out the door in July, in the following themes. This is one possible exhaustive-and-mutually-exclusive listing of articles that I hope suits a lot of people. But your interests might mean you are best off cherry-picking a piece or two from each thematic cluster rather than following the contours of my breakdown.

In the Business/Economics categories, there were 7 articles:

Next, in the broad theme of philosophy and thinking, there were 6 articles:

In Science and Technology, there were 2 pieces

Finally, two pieces in the culture section continue the Harry Potter thread that started in Philosophy

Would you like this review and roundup to be more or less frequent? Do you enjoy listening more than reading? Would you like to see audio version of some of my articles? Post comments and let me know.

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