The Legibility Tradeoff

by Kartik Agaram 04.09.2014

Kartik is a 2014 blogging resident visiting us from his home turf at I am fascinated by organizations as a technology for agency transfer — getting people to follow some plan outside of their selves. We’re not yet very good at building such agency transformers; our organizations get gamed, taken over, taken advantage of, […]

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Ritual and the Productive Community

by Editor 04.03.2014

Ryan Tanaka is a musician, writer, programmer and product manager living in the Los Angeles area. For every article that he writes, Ryan also improvises a musical piece as means of organizing his ideas. (Below, or here.) In a previous article on my blog, I wrote about the possibility of creating “Sacred Spaces”, highlighting the ingredients necessary […]

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Love Your Parasites

by Jordan Peacock 03.26.2014

Jordan is a 2014 blogging resident visiting us from his home turf on Google+ and Parasitism is usually defined as a multi-party ecological organization in which one party benefits at another’s expense, and is contrasted with commensalism (the host is neither harmed nor helped) and mutualism (a type of symbiosis in which both parties benefit). Missing from this […]

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The Message is the Medium

by Venkat 03.20.2014

I’ve been in Europe all week and just got done with the European Trend Day conference in Zurich, organized by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. So instead of a regular post, you get the slide-deck for my talk, The Message is the Medium. The slides are probably going to be a bit cryptic for those unfamiliar with […]

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Authors and Directors

by Sam Bhagwat 03.12.2014

Sam is a 2014 blogging resident visiting us from his home blog at Moore’s Hand. I grew up in Michigan, the older of two kids, but the second-oldest of all of my cousins. Every Thanksgiving we would drive to Cleveland for our family gathering, where I would hear about my older cousin Amruta’s exploits, and […]

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Immortality in the Ocean of Infinite Memories

by Venkat 03.06.2014

Until recently, I had never been conceptually attracted to the idea of an afterlife or prior lives, either as thought experiments or as aspirations. And definitely not in any religious sense. This is perhaps because I’ve never been able to imagine interesting versions of those ideas. What has been piquing my interest over the last […]

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Demons by Candelight

by Venkat 02.27.2014

I grew up with frequent power outages and load-shedding, especially during  the summer time. Dark evenings without power were a special time for children. The candle-lit hours on porches and balconies were a strange mix of an ethereal kind of intimacy,  beckoning darkness, and thoughts that retreated from both sunlight and electric lights. You could […]

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The Cactus and the Weasel

by Venkat 02.20.2014

The phrase, strong views, weakly held, has crossed my radar multiple times in the last few months.  I didn’t think much about it when I first heard it, beyond noting that it seemed to be almost a tautological piece of good advice. Thinking some more though, I realized two things: the phrase neatly characterizes the first member […]

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From Cognitive Biases to Institutional Decay

by Kartik Agaram 02.12.2014

Kartik is a 2014 blogging resident visiting us from his home turf at The past hundred years have transformed how we imagine ourselves. Freud catalyzed a greater emphasis on the unconscious. Kahneman and Tversky inspired a lot of research into how our subconscious biases affect day-to-day decision-making. Between those tectonic shifts, our understanding of […]

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An Information Age Glossary

by Venkat 02.07.2014

We live in an information-rich environment, but our minds are still wired for an environment of information scarcity. It still hasn’t really hit us that in the last 20 years, we’ve experienced a transformation that is as dramatic for our brains as climbing out of the water and learning to breathe air was for our […]

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