Member Program

The Ribbonfarm Member program is an invite-only program designed to connect readers and writers through both financial support and ideas.

Members pay $12 per month ($144 per year), which is just about enough to pay for a typical ribbonfarm post, including an honorarium for the contributor and administrative overheads. The primary benefit of membership is that you will receive the pitches and prompts monthly newsletter. We hope this newsletter will serve as a mechanism for both readers and writers to tune into emerging themes, trends, and ideas in the zeitgeist, before they get written about.

To receive an invitation to the program, please submit a writing prompt for our network of contributors through the pitches and prompts marketplace form.

If your prompt is accepted, you will be invited to join the member program and begin receiving the pitches and prompts newsletter. We may add additional tiers with more membership benefits in the future, but we are starting with a simple, single-tier program and a newsletter.

Why a Marketplace-Based Model?

The reason for the unusual structure of our member program is that we want to create and underwrite a true marketplace of ideas that can produce a steady stream of uniquely interesting longform writing.

The idea here is to begin the conversation between readers and writers before an article gets written. Such “pre-cog” conversations (conducted informally through the comments section, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Slack) have been instrumental in producing some of the best posts on ribbonfarm over the last decade. Our goal here is to pave those cowpaths, and broaden that mechanism.