Thanks a bunch to the 29 sponsors in 2012 who collectively contributed $3750 to support ribbonfarm last year (a 67% increase over 2011). In 2013, I will be using sponsorship funds to pay honorariums to resident bloggers, pay for some editorial and design support, conduct a few experimental online events and perhaps upgrade to better hosting. If you would like to sponsor at a level above $500, please email me first.

2013 total to date: $2525


2013 Sponsors

  1. Bianka Hadju
  2. Harlan Simon
  3. Anon
  4. Senthil Gandhi
  5. Felix Pomerantz
  6. Anon
  7. Patrick Vlaskovits
  8. Kartik Agaram
  9. Dan Andrews
  10. Anon
  11. Andrew Martin
  12. Johann Richard
  13. Rod Roth
  14. Mark Masterson, Process Perfection
  15. Anon
  16. John Long
  17. Anon
  18. Vin Bhalerao
  19. Amit Seshan
  20. Alex Bugosh
  21. Philip Hellyer
  22. Ognian Bozikov
  23. Oliver Glass
  24. Vlad Tsyrklevich
  25. Oyvind Hagberg
  26. Ergest
  27. Joseph Kelly

Note that Ribbonfarm is NOT a non-profit. If you provide sponsorship through a business you own, you may be able to treat this as a marketing expense as with any kind of event or sponsorship.

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