An Information Age Glossary

by Venkat 02.07.2014

We live in an information-rich environment, but our minds are still wired for an environment of information scarcity. It still hasn’t really hit us that in the last 20 years, we’ve experienced a transformation that is as dramatic for our brains as climbing out of the water and learning to breathe air was for our […]

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Technical Debt of the West

by Kevin Simler 01.28.2014

Kevin is a 2013 blogging resident visiting us from his home blog over at Melting Asphalt. This is the finale of his residency. Here’s a recipe for discovering new ideas: Examine the frames that give structure (but also bias) to your thinking. Predict, on the basis of #1, where you’re likely to have blind spots. Start groping around […]

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The Poor Usability Tell

by Jordan Peacock 01.21.2014

Jordan is a 2014 blogging resident visiting us from his home turf on Google+. Work can be a delight when your tools and your environment are crafted in ways that enable you to focus on the task at hand. However, most people I suspect have only limited experience with this sort of situation; it’s rather […]

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Resident Bloggers for 2014: Sam, Jordan, Kartik, Keith

by Venkat 01.15.2014

Another fun bit of housekeeping. I’d like to welcome Sam Bhagwat, Jordan Peacock, Kartik Agaram and Keith Adams, our resident bloggers for 2014. I’ve known them all for a couple of years now (though I’ve only met Jordan online), and I can safely say that the sophistication of my understanding of our emerging digital civilization […]

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Refactor Camp 2014: Computing and Culture

by Venkat 01.15.2014

It’s Refactor Camp time again.  As with the last two years, the event will again be held in the Bay Area during the first weekend in March. This year, that’s the weekend of March 1-2. Click here to register. The venue this year will be the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. For those […]

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Consent of the Surveilled

by Venkat 01.10.2014

I’ve been interested in the question of governance under conditions of mass physical mobility for a while. The interest is partly selfish, since I am one of those people with a romantic longing for a nomadic lifestyle. But now, there are better reasons to ask the question. In 2012, for the first time in history, […]

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Free, as in Agent

by Venkat 01.01.2014

A few weeks ago, I rented a spare desk from a small, local company and returned to cubicle-farm land after five feral years in the  wild coffee shops. Two as a virtual employee, three as a free agent. Looking further back, I’ve been writing about virtual and mobile work, lifestyle design and free agency from the […]

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Complete 2013 Roundup

by Venkat 12.23.2013

It’s time again for our annual roundup.  In many ways, 2013 was a year of endings and beginnings for this blog. So, since I like marking boundaries and naming things, I am going to name the relatively self-contained 2007-2012 period The Rust Age and notionally classify it as history. Starting with 2013, we are in […]

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Morality for Exploded Minds

by Mike Travers 12.17.2013

Mike is a 2013 blogging resident visiting us from his home blog Omniorthogonal. This series of posts has explored a variety of ways in which agency – the ability of something to initiate action – can be rethought, redistributed, and refactored. Agency can be assigned to things that normally don’t have it, or we can undo our everyday […]

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Our Diurnal Civilization

by Venkat 12.09.2013

As a kid I used to be afraid of the dark. I grew out of it, as most kids do. Now, as an adult, I find it hard to sleep if it isn’t pitch dark. Being a diurnal species with greater vulnerability to nocturnal predators, the association between fear and darkness has some basis in reality. It […]

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